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Kit can be expensive or cheap, depending on your own situation and aspirations regarding your training.  You can arrange your own kit via the internet, or the club can arrange it for you just ask Kru for prices. Rest assured, you can get a basic training kit of absolute essentials together for well under £50.  We try to have budget kit available at class for purchase if desired.



Basic kit consists of;     










But if you are a beginner, don't worry about buying kit.  You can borrow class kit in order to try it out and see whether or not you like it.  

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 Kit Cost

1.5 hour Classes (None Members)      

Class Cost

I try to ensure costs are fair and minimal to ensure that anybody who wishes to train at Redkite can do so.

(The ‘reduced rate’ offer is for members only.  Red Kite runs at least 10 adult lessons per week which averages out to about 42 lessons per month.  The money must be paid at the first lesson of every month (or by standing order at the beginning of the month) and covers every class in that period, including open mat sessions. (Private lesson available.  Click HERE for cost.)

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  • Bag Gloves 

  • 16oz Boxing Gloves 

  • Shin Pads 

  • Hand wraps 

  • Ankle Supports  

  • Gum Shield   

(Includes your licence, basic insurance and your club T- shirt)



Please just ask for a price list.


1.5 hour Classes (Members)                      



Double Session (Members/None)

1 hour Classes (None Members)                


1 hour Classes (Members)

£6.50 / £7.50


Open Mat Session

Train all month cash rate (CR)

£50.00 per month

£45.00 per month

Train all month Standing Order (SO)

£45.00 per month

Train all month Student Discount (CR)

£40.00 per month

Train all month Student Discount (CR)

Membership (First Year)



Annual Membership Renewal

(Child membership is £30.00 and £20.00 to renew)