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Follow the link the visit the REDKITE Self Awareness Workshops Website

Redkite Kru Rachel Joyner previously worked for the Probation Service and Young Peoples services where she worked directly with people with varying degrees of behavioural issues and also delivered Accredited Group Sessions to adult offenders.


As the gym has become more successful, she has looked to expand the facilities and content of what the club has to offer by introducing workshops specifically linking her passions, previous elements of her work experience along with her love of health, fitness and mental and physical well being.  She has looked at issues that currently affect people on a daily basis and is endeavoring to develop programmes and workshops that can help people feel physically and emotionally at their best.


Other workshops currently being put together include:


  • Consent Workshop

  • How to Enjoy Social Media Safely

  • Thinking Skills

  • Conflict Management

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Redkite offer a three hour workshop (approx) the majority of

the workshop focuses on simple defence techniques 

(not Muaythai) whilst covering explanations of

minimal force and what that means with regards to

defending yourself.  We also cover issues such as domestic

violence, self respect, social media pressures

for young women and girls.

REDKITE Self Defence, Assertiveness & Self Awareness Workshop

Though the topic is serious, we aim to ensure that the participants have fun, feel comfortable and able to debate and discuss the issues whilst getting involved in some simple yet effective defence moves.  

Click on the brochure to the left to download the PDF.  (Includes pricing and itinerary.)

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Future Events

As well as running sessions for businesses and groups, we also run sessions that people can book in for individually.  The next events are on the following dates:

SATURDAY 12TH NOVEMBER 2016 at 1.00pm.  £10.00 p/p

To book onto an event, please either contact via the link or secure your place immediately by paying on line. Redkite will receive your details through the payment processesing service and will email you to confirm your place as soon as possible.

(Online payment incurs a small charge of 25p.)


FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER 2016 at 9.30am.  £10.00 p/p