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There is a beginners class, 6pm - 7pm on Thursday nights which has proven to be very popular.  Most people use it as a stepping stone up the the regular Monday night classes (Wednesday is for advanced students), with people progressing across when they feel more ready to attend the longer sessions.  Beginners are however welcome straight away at the Monday night classes, plus experienced students are welcome to attend the  beginners class as a top up session if they wish.



Training Sessions

At Redkite we observe some traditional practices such a bowing when entering and exiting the gym and at the beginning and end of class.  This is about respecting our gym, our coaches and each other.  Though we do have some real laughs in class, a good training attitude is required and extra-curricular activities such as swearing in the gym, talking when the coach is talking or being late for class  (anything that would impede effective teaching or  learning) may result in someone becoming very good at press-ups!.


Class will start with a warm up of around 15 minutes, followed by stretching.  After the stretch, the pain ends and the fun begins!  We try to make each of the classes run differently to stop them from becoming too repetitive.  Circuits, drills, combo’s and plenty of skipping, press ups and crunches are regular features, as is sparring for those members that wish or need to.  We also occasionally practice self-defence moves as a change of pace.  We finish up with a stretch at the end and a few words of wisdom from the coach!  It’s great fun and the class is adapted for each individual based on their fitness level and experience.

Thursday Beginners Class

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Full Time Table


Having rented a communal room for 7 years, Red Kite opened it's own full time venue on 1st March 2014.  The RedKite Muaythai & Fitness Studio is situated in the same building as the large dojo used previously but on the top floor.  The changing facilities remain the same and we have kept the use of the large shared dojo for 2 classes per week.


The new studio means that the venue can be opened during the day offering people the opportunity to book private lessons.


It also means that the monthly payment deal now offers even better value for money and students discounts can be offered.