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What Do You Need?

All you need to try out class is loose fitting shorts or trackies and a t shirt (Please make sure you have no buttons zips or anything else on your training clothes that could damage the mats.)  The club has a few pairs of gloves and other kit for those that want to try it out without investing a great deal.


If you wish to keep attending class, we encourage people to purchase a membership after a month. As with all gyms, a yearly membership is paid.  Ours is just a lot cheaper than most!  The fee covers licence and basic insurance and in your first year, your club t-shirt.  From this sum, the club itself only receives a  a very small amount. Redkite is a member of the UKMF which is striving to become the only National sporting body for Muaythai.  They provide our licences and member insurance and membership enables an individual to compete at all UKMF events.


As with any sport, injuries can occur.  Believe it or not, serious injury is very very rare.  At a non-competitive level and even low level competion, serious injuries are highly unlikely.  You’re no more likely, if not less likely to get injured in Thai Boxing than you are at football or Rugby for example.  Pulled muscles are probably the most regular and most serious occurances and bruises are particularly common.  As a responsible club, we ensure that all members have some basic insurance cover.  Most sports do not have this facility as part of their membership.  If you require more insurance, this is your own responsibility and as with all sporting activities, you agree to take part in classes at your own risk.  All attempts are made to ensure the safety of all students but the club cannot be held accountable for injuries that may occur as a result of training.

If you decide  that thaiboxing is something you wish to do on a regular basis, below is a list of basic trainging equipent you would need.



Basic kit consists of;












But if you are a beginner, don't worry about buying kit.  You can borrow class kit in order to try it out and see whether or not you like it.  


  • Bag Gloves

  • 14/16oz Boxing Gloves

  • Shin Pads

  • Hand wraps

  • Ankle Supports  

  • Gum Shield  

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